Cisco Ramon, also known under the alias of Vibe, is one of the main protagonists of the CW television show The Flash. He is portrayed by Carlos Valdes.


Before Season 1

Cisco Ramon, even as a child, had a passion for mechanics and technology. Despite the fact that his parents ignored it, Cisco continued to love that passion and eventually began working at S.T.A.R. Labs. During this time, he formed a friendship with his fellow co-workers Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond, as well as with his boss Dr. Wells. However, he also formed a rivalry with an arrogant co-worker named Hartley Rathaway. Still, he enjoyed working at S.T.A.R., especially after Rathaway was fired. He even helped build a particle accelerator, which would unlock the secrets to numerous metaphysical aspects of reality. However, it began to malfunction upon activation and was going to explode. Ronnie went inside of the particle accelerator to contain the blast by getting to the inner control panel, and although it worked it caused his death. The particle accelerator exploded in a different fashion, somehow turning randomly selected residents of Central City into Metahumans (humans with superpowers). One of these was, unbeknownst to him, Cisco. Another one was a very unimportant forensic scientist who was put into a coma.


  • Intelligence - Cisco is incredibly smart, being able to create amazing machines in a short amount of time. He helped in the development of the particle accelerator. Cisco can also hack extremely well, although not as fast as Felicity Smoak.
  • Vibration Projection - After discovering his powers, Cisco can generate and launch vibrational blasts as an attack.
  • Portal Creation - After discovering his powers, Cisco can create portals (albeit with heavy concentration) to different locations, Earths, or even universes.
  • Visions - Cisco occasionally gets visions. These visions can be used to gain information about the future or another timeline or even communicate with others (such as when Barry and Kara were in their own mind courtesy of Music Meister, or when Barry died and was sent to the Speed Force).
    • Alternate Timeline Comprehension - If the timeline is changed, Cisco would start to get visions of memories that he obtained in the previous timeline. The timeline known as Flashpoint does not count, as Cisco did not have powers during Flashpoint.
    • Precognition - Cisco can see events that are currently happening or will happen soon via physical contact with important items.