Deadpool is a character from Marvel Comics. He is a fan-favourite antihero.


One day, an ex-marine named Wade Wilson was diagnosed with incurable cancer in the form of many brain tumours. However, a Canadian governmental company named Department K promised to cure his cancer through replicating Wolverine's regenerative healing factor. He did multiple missions involving war and other related topics, until his regeneration destabilised, generating many disturbing scars on his previously handsome face. Numerous things had happened, including being thrown into a "dead pool". All of this had snapped his sanity, turning him into a fourth-wall-breaking, mouthy madman with dual katanas and a bunch of guns. He is now Deadpool!


  • Regeneration - Deadpool has a regenerative healing factor matching, or perhaps exceeding Wolverine's.
    • Immortality - Deadpool is seemingly unable to be affected by age, due to his regeneration.
    • Enhanced Condition - Because of his constant regenerative abilities and military training, Deadpool has more strength, durability, speed and reflexes than the average human.
  • Telepathic Immunity - Although Deadpool can receive telepathic messages, he is unable to be mind controlled.


Deadpool's cancer will be continued if his regeneration is somehow deactivated. He is mentally insane and unstable.