Dipper Pines is a 12 (13, as of Season 2's finale) year old boy, who is the main character of Gravity Falls.


Season 1

Dipper and his twin sister Mabel are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon to stay with their great uncle Stan for the summer within the tourist trap known as the Mystery Shack. During his stay, he meets a cashier named Wendy and a rather unintelligent man named Soos. As Dipper is forced into the forest to put signs, he finds Journal 3, a weird journal containing secrets about mysterious and supernatural creatures. Dipper thinks that Mabel's new boyfriend, Norman, is a zombie and after finding proof he must find Mabel. Norman actually turns out to be a group of Gnomes who want a new Gnome queen. Mabel declines the offer, causing the Gnomes to retaliate, turning themselves into a gigantic, red monster. After Mabel saves the day with a leaf blower of all things, the twins have an "awkward sibling hug" and go to bed.

The two unravel several other odd mysteries in Gravity Falls, such as discovering a secret president of the USA or saving a Merman from the troubles of mankind. A recurring enemy of theirs is Gideon, a child psychic with an affinity for the supernatural. Eventually, Gideon forms a deal with a mysterious entity named Bill Cipher. This led Dipper, Mabel and Soos to discover Gideon's true plan: Stealing the deed to the Mystery Shack. With McGucket's help, Gideon builds a gigantic mech and takes Journal 3, revealing that he has Journal 2. After taunting Dipper, he comes back to defeat Gideon once and for all and he is incarcerated by the Gravity Falls Police Department.


  • Size-Changing Flashlight - A flashlight with a Size-Changing Crystal attached to the light. It can reduce or amplify the size of objects and individuals, including himself.
  • Journal 3 - The third and final of The Author's journals, this book contains knowledge of certain mystical creatures and artefacts, as well as blueprints for the Universe Portal.